Our mission at the Canada-Florida Yacht Connection is to provide Canadian yacht buyers with enhanced, personalized access to the buyer-advantageous Florida boat and yacht market. This is not simply an empty marketing slogan/gimmick.

Sands Harbor MarinaThe Florida yacht market is the largest regional market in the world. More used and new boats and yachts are sold in Florida than in any other geographically-concentrated market. Consequently, the Florida market is very highly buyer-advantageous. You will find a larger variety and selection of pre-owned and new boats in Florida — and you can buy more boat for your money — than anywhere else on the globe..

These facts, coupled with favorable customs treaties between Canada and the United States, make the Florida yacht market a particularly advantageous one for Canadian buyers. The problem for a Canadian not resident in Florida is how to conveniently, reliably, and safely access this highly buyer-advantageous market. That is where the Canada-Florida Yacht Connection comes in, because….

  • We know and are comfortable with both Canadians and Floridians. We’ve lived and worked for significant periods of time in both Canada and Florida.
  • We know boats and yachts. We’ve worked in the recreational marine industry, both sides of the border — in yacht design, construction, refit, and survey, both power and sail — for more than three decades.
  • We know the Florida boat and yacht market intimately. We are licensed and bonded to provide yacht and ship brokerage services, under Florida law by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

The Canada-Florida Yacht Connection functions as your eyes and ears in this market. We continually search the Florida market and watch for first-rate boats and yachts that

  • Meet your planned operational needs and requirements
  • Meet your targets for brand, type, age, condition, and budget
  • Meet your understandable desire to secure best available value

We maintain a frequently refreshed list of “featured” yachts on our website. And when you arrange for a custom search, we regularly send you personalized alerts concerning particularly good candidates that meet your purchase parameters.

helicopter206(2)When we’ve identified a boat or yacht that particularly appeals to you, we can arrange to pre-view that vessel in person, on your behalf. We will then supply you with a preliminary evaluation as to whether a personal viewing on your part would be worthwhile. And if you decide to take a look in person, we will arrange to ensure that the yacht or yachts which are of particular interest to you are held available for your purchase until such time as you can travel down for a personal viewing and buying decision.

But our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. If and when you decide to make an offer on a boat or yacht in Florida, we can

  • Coordinate a Condition/Valuation or Pre-Purchase survey by a qualified marine surveyor of your choice
  • Arrange for, and manage any required pre-closing repairs or refurbishments
  • Arrange for, and manage any desired post-closing repairs, refurbishments, or upgrades
  • Manage maintenance and dockage for your purchased yacht, until you take delivery in Florida or have the vessel delivered to you in Canada
  • Help in securing insurance for your purchased  boat or yacht
  • Arrange for delivery of your purchased yacht to Canada,  either on the her own bottom or via licensed common carrier, including coordinating customs entry.
  • Facilitate an offshore purchase closing and re-entry into the U.S. under a USCG Cruising Permit
  • Coordinate registration and/or documentation in the jurisdiction of your choice
  • Aid in locating and arranging for financing, either side of the border
  • …and more

In other words, from start to successful finish, we stand by your side to make the process enjoyable and rewarding for you, and to eliminate the hassles and headaches that can arise when Canadians try long-distance to purchase boats and yachts in the Florida market.

Additionally, when you deal with the Canada-Florida Yacht Connection, you are not dealing long-distance. We have associates in Canada who are available to meet and work with you face-to-face when you are looking for a boat or yacht, and before you make a purchase. These associates are also on hand after you make a purchase, to see to it that everything goes smoothly at the Canadian end of any delivery we may have arranged for you.

Photo_PLF_P1010025_edit2For more information, or to discuss your search for your boat or yacht, call, email, or Skype me personally today. You’ll be glad you did.

Phil Friedman, Managing Director
Canada-Florida Yacht Connection



Tel: 954.224.2145  –  Email: – Skype: phil_friedman

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